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Adoption gallery

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Meet Caleb!

Caleb is a handsome young man who tends to be more of an introvert. Caleb enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys watching TV. He hopes to have a forever family that is active, but also enjoys a movie night from time-to-time! Caleb’s case manager said he has a huge heart for helping others. Caleb once told her that he wanted to become a professional basketball player so that he would have enough money to open a center where underprivileged kids could play and learn. Caleb would benefit from a family who is structured and patient, and would do best where he can be the youngest child. Do not miss out on the opportunity to welcome Caleb into your home, to support him and watch him as he excels into adulthood!

Meet Eli!

Eli loves all animals, though he does have a preference of dogs. Some of his favorite things to do outdoors include swimming, biking, and skateboarding. He dreams of a family who loves to travel and could take him sight-seeing, flying, or cruising. In his future, he sees himself being a muscle car auto mechanic. Eli would do best in a home surrounded by love and understanding. Stability, compassion, and patience will help Eli thrive. Eli is looking forward to finding his forever family to help him flourish into his future.

Meet Emmanuel!

Emmanuel is great kid who loves to play video games and watch Toy Story 3. He enjoys playing on electronics. He is slow to open up to new relationships, but when once comfortable, he will light up the room! Emmanuel is on the autism spectrum and as a result, he needs assistance in all areas of his life and into adulthood. Emmanuel will thrive in a family setting who can support his educational needs. Emmanuel would do well with a family accustomed to working with special needs children and who will allow him to grow and mature to his best ability. Emmanuel is the kind of child who will enrich your life forever.

Meet Gauge!

Gauge is a well-natured teen with a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh. Although Gauge describes himself as shy, he loves to meet new people and opens up easily. He is also athletic and loves playing football. Gauge is goal-oriented, and he hopes to attend college to be an athletic trainer, but he also dreams of being drafted by the NFL! Like most boys his age, Gauge enjoys playing video games, especially Fortnite, but he also enjoys napping. Gauge has overcome many hurdles in life, and he’s eager to find his forever family. He is waiting for a committed, supportive family that will encourage him in all his future endeavors. Gauge would do best in a home with older children. He was born in January 2005.

Meet Jabari!

Bright, energetic, handsome, engaging and challenging best describe Jabari. This creative child loves to do anything active. He especially enjoys riding his bike and skateboarding. He also likes playing video games, and he’s very good on the computer. Jabari struggles in school and needs a very patient and consistent adoptive family who will work closely with him and his teachers. Jabari needs an unconditionally committed adoptive family who can give him a lot of one-on-one, undivided attention and close supervision. He would do best as an only or youngest child. He has a lot of potential and in the right adoptive family, he will flourish. Jabari was born in December, 2006.

Meet Jadeen!

Jadeen is a very loving, playful, and eager-to-help young man with an infectious laugh and personable disposition. Jadeen enjoys swimming, dancing, watching scary or funny movies, and playing RoBlox. He loves school, and receives excellent grades. Jaden would like to be a professional dancer when he’s older. He truly comes alive on any dance floor! Jadeen is shy at times and may require redirecting, but he never misses a chance to make a new friend. Wherever he goes, Jadeen greets others and brings a smile to their faces. Jaden would excel in a structured, patient home where he can be the only child. It’s important that his forever family be able to provide a high level of supervision and allow him to have contact with his biological family.

Meet Kalina!

Kalina is a spunky, energetic, beautiful young lady inside and out. She’s initially shy, but once she gets to know you, she is chatty and outgoing. Kalina loves girlie things – especially having her nails and hair done. She does great cartwheels and loves jumping on the trampoline. Kalina wants a family of her own that will give her the attention and focus she needs to heal. She will do best with a two-parent family who has experience working with children who come from hard places. She will thrive in a home where she can be the only child or have adult siblings. Kalina would also benefit from a family who is patient, committed and loving, while providing structure and consistency.

Meet Layton!

Layton is a bright, energetic, handsome young man. He has dark hair and a big, bright smile that shines. He enjoys playing video games, fishing, and swimming, as well as being outside and playing sports. He is athletic and acrobatic. Layton’s favorite subject is math and least favorite subjects is reading. He loves hotdogs, but dislikes vegetables. Layton’s favorite color is light blue. Layton will do best in a home with a mother and father who have no pets and where he is the only or youngest child. A home with supervision will be best for Layton. He will thrive in a structured, nurturing and loving home. He was born January of 2014 and he is excited to be adopted!

Meet Lucky!

Lucky is a special young child who is described as independent, caring, optimistic and eager to please everyone around him! Lucky is outgoing and never meets a stranger. Some of his favorite things to do include reading, playing sports, drawing and running. He does require redirection and reminders to stay on task. Lucky will do best in a structured home with clear expectations, where he is the only child with no siblings. Lucky was born August of 2013, and he’s so ready to meet his forever family.

Meet Nahemiah!

Nahemiah is described as responsible, caring, protective, and eager to help. He enjoys playing video games, attending Boy Scouts, playing trumpet, swimming, cooking and playing with his toy cars. When asked where his dream trip would be, he couldn’t decide between a cruise to Hawaii or a trip to Hersey, Pennsylvania, to see the streetlights made of chocolate! Nahemiah enjoys gospel music, and attending church, and it is very important that the family keep him connected to church. Nahemiah will excel in a home with structure and patience. It’s also important that Nahemiah’s forever family provide a high degree of supervision and allow him to remain in contact with his biological siblings.

Meet Quisten!

Quisten is an affectionate child who is fond of hugs! He strives to be helpful and is well-mannered. Quisten is also friendly and outgoing. He appreciates spending quality time with others and making them laugh. He enjoys watching movies and playing video games. Quisten also enjoys being outside and riding ATVs. He will do best with a structured and loving family who will help him grow into the young man he wants to be. Quisten would benefit from a family who will encourage him to excel in school and would do best in a home with older siblings who can be role models. Quisten was born in February 2005.

Meet Robert!

Robert is 16 years old. He enjoys skating, playing video games and spending time with his friends. He doesn’t have a favorite school subject, but his least favorite is reading. He enjoys indoor and outdoor activities. One thing that he is really proud of is that he sees 3-D prints in his head/mind. He wants to be a mechanic when he grows up. Robert would like a family who is OK with ongoing family contact as he has a positive relationship with his grandmother, and he would like to continue communicating with her.

Meet Tyson!

Happy, helpful and funny best describes Tyson! He is a friendly boy with a quirky personality, and he enjoys making others smile. Tyson likes watching cartoons, especially Pokémon. He loves Pokémon so much that when asked what cartoon character he would want to be, he picked Pikachu! Tyson also likes to color and play outside. He dreams of becoming a police officer one day and would really get a kick out of driving a Lamborghini on patrol! Tyson dreams of finding a forever family who might visit New York City and the Central Park Zoo one day. Tyson was born in February 2008.

Meet Emiley!

Emiley is best described as a young girl who is polite and soft-spoken. She’s friendly and gets along with other children. Some of Emiley’s favorite things are jewelry and perfume. She has a great smile and loves to laugh and have fun. She has a healthy appetite and is not a picky eater. Emiley will do best in a home that can be a strong support for her needs and growth. She was born November of 2007. Emiley can’t wait to meet her forever family.

Meet Brantley!

Best is described as an active child, but also a child who enjoys doing things indoors such as building Legos and playing video games. Brantley has a smile that will light up a room with brown eyes and freckles. Brantley really enjoys school. He is a smart child who gets good grades. Brantley will do best in a home that provides nurturing and loving care and he can’t wait to meet his forever family. He was born January of 2013.

Meet Ty’Davien!

Ty’Davien also likes to go by Ty. He has a personality like no other child — charming, sweet, and caring. Some of Ty’s favorite activities include playing with dogs and talking to his siblings. Ty will do best in a family that will allow him to stay in touch with his siblings, and a home with parents who are patient and loving with discipline. He cares a lot about those around him, sometimes more than himself. Ty’s favorite animal is a dog. Ty adores dogs and would love for his forever family to have dogs. Ty will thrive in a home with clear expectations, structure and routine. Ty was born November of 2013.

Meet Andrew!

Andrew was born October of 2009. He’s an Alabama football fan and he enjoys playing video games in his free time. His favorite subject in school is math. He likes hot wings and pizza with everything topping! He likes to play basketball. His favorite color is red, and his favorite television show is SpongeBob Square pants. He likes dogs, but only big ones. Andrew is friendly and has good manners. He’ll do best in a family that provides supervision, is patient, structured and loving.

Meet Jasmine and Joshua!

Jasmine is a very smart 7th grader, who loves to read aloud with others. She is very helpful, affectionate and loving and enjoys spending time with a family. She’s a girly girl in love with fashion! Jasmine enjoys swimming, going to the beach, animals, spending time with her best friend, and playing baby dolls. She has never met a stranger and has a bubbly personality! Jasmine is a lot of fun – the life of a party. She 100% invested in everything she does. Jasmine is protective and sticks up for what she loves.
Joshua is very smart and has an excellent memory. He enjoys helping and volunteering to help others. He eats almost anything, but if he doesn’t want something, he’ll tell you. He wakes up happy every morning. He cleans up after himself and makes his bed every day. He tends to be loud, and enjoys running around outside playing with other children. He can also entertain himself with his tablet. He loves remote control cars and animals too.
Jasmine was born April of 2009. Joshua was born December 2010. They are excited to be adopted together by their forever family.

Meet Destinia!

Destinia is described as helpful, loving, and friendly. She gets along fine with peers and always dresses well. She has good hygiene and enjoys pampering herself. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and doing hair and nails. Destiana is active and involved in extracurricular activities such as track and she will do best in a home with patience and love. Destiana was born in October of 2010.

Meet Ivry!

Ivry loves attention and affection. She enjoys being around her friends and socializing. In her free time, she enjoys Mine Craft, watching videos about makeup and nails, slime and ASMR. One of her favorite things to do is dance to Just Dance Wii. She likes singing with a karaoke microphone. She’s just learning how to style her own hair and has a positive attachment to her sister. Ivry was born October 2014.

Meet Vincent!

Match Pending!

Vincent is a playful child. Some of his favorite things to do include playing with his toys, he also loves anything to do with superheroes. Vincent likes to participate in both indoor and outdoor activities. He is a well-mannered child who is also very active. Vincent will do best in a home that provides positive reinforcement. A family with a structure will be ideal for Vincent’s success as he likes to know what is expected of him. He was born May of 2016.

Meet Michael!

Match Pending!

Michael is best described as playful child. One of his favorite things to do is ride his scooter. His favorite subject in school is art. Michael enjoys indoor and outdoor activities. Even though he is very active, he also is a well-mannered child. He loves playing with other children and does well with them. One of Michael’s fears is being left alone in the dark. He is proud of moving into to his next school grade. Michael would do best in a home with structure and a routine. He will thrive with parents who gently guide him and love him. Michael was born April of 2015. He can’t wait to meet his forever family.